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Aura Skypool Dubai: All You Need to Know & Review (2023)

    Aura Skypool is a brand new attraction in Dubai and has already become one of the most exclusive and popular destinations for lovers of luxury and high-end lifestyle. Located in the heart of the fabulous Palm Jumeirah Island, one of the most iconic places in Dubai, the Aura Skypool is the highest 360° infinity pool in the world.

    Located on the rooftop of the Palm Tower, the tallest skyscraper in Palm Jumeirah, the Aura Skypool offers insane views over the city and a pleasant and sophisticated atmosphere, making it an unforgettable stop on your trip to Dubai.

    What you will find in this guide to the Aura Skypool Dubai:

    Aura Skypool: What to Expect

    Aura Skypool is a stunning infinity pool boasting insane views of Palm Jumeirah Island and the Dubai skyline. It is located 200 meters above sea level, on the rooftop of the Palm Tower, the skyscraper that also houses the fabulous 5-star hotel The St. Regis Dubai The Palm. Hotel guests also get a discount to access Aura Skypool, plus they can take advantage of its other two nice infinity pools overlooking the city.

    The Aura Skypool features a 360° view over the city and the island: the infinity pool surrounds a large and nice lounge, so from each side you will have a different view. You will be able to see the whole island from above, as well as the iconic Dubai skyline and its most famous skyscrapers, such as the Burj Al Arab and Burj Khalifa.

    The heart of the Aura Skypool is its lounge, with a fabulous sun terrace with loungers and cabanas, a bar serving great cocktails and snacks and a restaurant. From here you can access the infinity pool: you will be on the 50th floor of a skyscraper and you will have a sensational view of the Arabian Gulf. The infinity pool is never crowded, as access is limited. So you can enjoy your experience to the fullest, in total relaxation.

    The Aura Skypool infinity pool is just 1.25 meters deep, so you can easily walk into the pool and move around the lounge. This is why it is also suitable for those who cannot swim. And the fear of heights is not a problem: there is another (hidden) terrace just below the pool, so there is no risk of falling down!

    Aura Skypool Dubai Palm Jumeirah View

    A few floors above the Aura Skypool is another popular attraction, The View at The Palm observation deck. From here you can have essentially the same view you will get from the Aura Skypool infinity pool. This is for those who just want the view, but the view from the pool is far better!

    Aura Skypool has quickly become one of Dubai’s hottest destinations – this 750 square meter infinity pool is a real paradise, located on one of Dubai’s most stunning rooftops, right above one of its most glamorous hotels. This makes it a popular destination among the golden youth of the Middle East and wealthy travelers from all over the world!

    Its trendy lounge attracts celebrities, influencers, models and fabulous girls and boys, as well as couples and honeymooners. The insane view is certainly the ideal place to take an enviable selfie, but the best thing is the experience you can live: enjoy the moment, the view, the peace. And a good cocktail. This is Dubai!

    Aura Skypool Infinity Pool: Which view to choose?

    The Aura Skypool infinity pool is set on four sides around a lounge with luxurious sun loungers with a view, located in a shaded area. Before going to the Aura Skypool you will have to choose the side you want, because for each side there is a different ticket and fare.

    The best side is “The Palm View” which offers the iconic palm-shaped island view. But this is also the most requested and expensive side. Also very nice is the “Marina and Ain Dubai View” side which boasts a fabulous view of the Dubai Marina skyline. The other sides boast beautiful views of the city skyline, Burj Al Arab and Burj Khalifa. Here the rates are more affordable and besides the loungers there are also some cabanas. Anyway, my favorite side is the one on Palm Jumeirah: the view is unforgettable.

    Aura Skypool Dubai Review

    Aura Skypool Lounge: Luxury with a View

    Aura Skypool Lounge is the heart of the Aura Skypool and is the place where the luxury loungers are located, surrounded by greenery and the cool pool. The service is top notch, with plush sun loungers, pillows, spa towels and more. You will be able to use changing rooms, showers, toilets and everything you need. The poolside experience is a delight: you can lie in the shade sipping your cocktail while enjoying the view, and then cool off in the pool.

    The Aura Skypool has a capacity of only 160 guests, so it will never be crowded. The minimum age to enter is 15, so you can relax as much as possible, as the atmosphere is usually very quiet. The live dj-set music is never intrusive, it is ambient music, perfect for relaxing.

    The lounge bar serves great cocktails and slightly overpriced drinks. Expect to spend 90 AED (25 USD) for a cocktail. For a beer it’s 60 AED (16 USD), so it’s not cheap!

    The excellent menu signed by Gordon Ramsay’s disciple Craig Best features snacks, sushi and other Asian-inspired specialties. The portions are tapas-style and are a great, light and tasty way to nibble while relaxing by the pool. For a portion of 3 maki rolls (24 pieces) expect to spend 320 AED (87 USD), while for a small tuna tartare it is 85 AED (23 USD).

    Aura Skypool Infinite Pool Dubai

    Aura Skypool Prices and Opening Hours

    Living the Aura Skypool Dubai experience is undoubtedly one of the most exciting things to do in the city. You can choose to go there in the morning, in the afternoon or in the evening. The afternoon is very popular, while the morning is quieter. In the evening you will have a slightly different experience, with the glittering skyline of the city.

    Aura Skypool Infinity Pool Experience MORNING:

    Opening Hours: 10 AM – 2 PM

    Prices from: 250 AED (68 USD)

    Aura Skypool Infinity Pool Experience AFTERNOON:

    Opening Hours: 3 PM – 7 PM

    Prices from: 275 AED (75 USD)

    Aura Skypool Infinity Pool Experience EVENING:

    Opening Hours: From 9 PM – 12 PM – Only in Summer’s Sundays and Mondays.

    Prices from: 200 AED (55 USD)

    Aura Skypool Infinity Pool Experience FULL DAY:

    There is a pass that allows you to enjoy the Aura Skypool Infinity Pool for the whole day, from 10 AM to 7 PM. Prices start at 525 AED (143 USD).

    Prices vary depending on the side chosen and the position: the loungers in the 1st row are more expensive than those in the 2nd row. Prices include entrance to the infinity pool and taxes, drinks and food are not included.

    There are tickets that allow you to just visit the lounge and have a drink. Prices start at AED 150 and do not allow access to the pool.

    Prices are subject to frequent seasonal variations. You can check the latest prices and book your entry on the Aura Skypool official website.

    Aura Skypool Dubai City View

    Aura Skypool: How to Get There

    Aura Skypool is located on Palm Jumeirah Island, on the 50th floor of the Palm Tower, just above the Nakheel Mall. Here are also some of the best 5-star hotels in Dubai that you could choose for your stay, such as the luxurious The St. Regis Dubai The Palm, located right in the Palm Tower, just below the Aura Skypool. Within walking distance is the fabulous Fairmont The Palm resort and Five Palm Jumeirah Dubai, which is one of the trendiest and most glamorous resorts in Dubai. From here you can also easily reach the iconic Atlantis The Palm.

    The skyscraper on which the Aura Skypool is located is located right in the middle of the island, easily accessible by car, taxi or public transport. There is a huge private parking lot just below the mall, so you can get there by car or by taxi, as all taxi drivers know the Palm Tower.

    If you want to go to the Aura Skypool by public transport then you have to take the Palm Monorail. You will need to take Dubai Tram 9 to Gateway Towers Station. From here the monorail runs to Atlantis The Palm in just 10 minutes. You will need to get off halfway, at the Nakheel Mall stop. Aura Skypool is right here: you can enter the shopping mall and follow the signs, as the Aura Skypool can be reached by lifts from the mall.

    ☞ You can learn more about the monorail, how to get around and the best things to do and see in our guide to Palm Jumeirah Island.

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