Burj Al Arab Restaurants

Burj Al Arab Restaurants & Bars: All You Need to Know

Burj Al Arab restaurants are a unique experience: a journey into the best of international haute cuisine, in a context of extreme elegance and refinement that over the years has earned the title of “best hotel in the world“.

Burj Al Arab was, long before Burj Khalifa, the first symbol of Dubai’s economic expansion, the flagship that would make the Emirates known all over the world: Burj Al Arab is a concentrate of the best technology, the best materials, the best customer care (for each customer there are 8 staff members).

In Burj Al Arab everything is ready to host kings and queens, starting from the restaurants that offer the best of gourmet cuisine, the best local ingredients and the experience of the best chefs in the world.

Are Burj Al Arab restaurants open even to non-hotel guests?

Unless you’re ready to shell out over $ 2,000 to spend a night in Burj Al Arab, the only way to visit it and live the idyllic experience of feeling “king (or queen) for a day” is to book a table in one of its restaurants or bar to eat or drink.

Burj Al Arab’s restaurants are also open to non-hotel guests. You can choose to simply have a tea or a drink at the Skyview Bar which is located 200 meters above the sea, or live a complete gastronomic experience by exploring all the restaurants of Burj Al Arab and tasting different haute cuisine specialties, one for each restaurant.

This is an opportunity to show off the best dress you have in your suitcase: you are going to live an evening like real queens and kings!

How many restaurants are there in Burj Al Arab?

Burj Al Arab offers a selection of 6 restaurants ranging from the best cuisines in the world, to which are added the Skyview Bar & Restaurant which serves champagne, cocktails and delicious tapas, the Gold On 27 which serves excellent cocktails, spirits, cigars and shisha, the Scape Lounge for relaxing by the sea and the more informal Scape Restaurant serving Mediterranean and American specialties on a beautiful terrace by the sea.

Al Mahara: Burj Al Arab’s Underwater Restaurant

For me it is the most beautiful restaurant in the world. I got to celebrate a special occasion here with my loved one, and I was enchanted.

The atmosphere of the Al Mahara restaurant is unique, the soft lighting, the impeccable service and above all the aquarium. The tables overlook an incredible aquarium, the feeling is impossible to describe in words! You seem to eat in a surreal place, nestled in the depths of a tropical ocean.

The Al Mahara restaurant specializes in seafood. The menu is elaborated by the star chef Kim Joinie-Maurin (3 Michelin stars) and allows you to taste culinary masterpieces made with the highest quality ingredients.

You can enjoy a lunch or dinner at the Al Mahara restaurant in Burj Al Arab, choosing from a 5 or 7-course tasting menu, at an affordable price.

Prices are similar to that of any European starred restaurant. Reservation is mandatory.

Al Muntaha: the Finest French Cuisine with a Special View

The Al Muntaha restaurant on the 27th floor of Burj Al Arab serves the best of French haute cuisine, in a fresh environment, with eclectic color combinations and with a crazy view of the Gulf.

The starred chef Francky Semblat (3 Michelin stars) worked in starred restaurants all over the world before arriving at Burj Al Arab. Here it offers a menu that excellently combines refined ingredients and exotic flavors.

It is the perfect restaurant for those looking for a trendy gastronomic experience, with that pinch of modernity that never hurts!

Prices are similar to those of the Al Mahara restaurant. Reservation is mandatory.

Al Iwan: Burj Al Arab’s Traditional Cuisine Restaurant

Al Iwan is the Burj Al Arab restaurant dedicated to ancient and traditional Arab flavors.

Directly accessible from the marvelous atrium of Burj Al Arab, it offers a beautiful panoramic view of the sea by day, while it is tinged with ancient romance in the evening, when people dine by candlelight.

The Al Iwan restaurant serves Arabic cuisine, such as traditional meze (appetizers), and lamb or fish dishes.

The atmosphere recalls that of the sumptuous Arab palaces, with rich decorations, crystal glasses and fine cutlery.

Prices are lower than in other Burj Al Arab restaurants, the quality of service is still high. Reservation is mandatory.

Junsui: an Asian-Style Buffet at Burj Al Arab

A corner of Orient in Burj Al Arab: the Junsui restaurant offers a journey through the flavors of the Far East, in a room richly decorated with Swarovski crystals.

This is known to be one of the trendiest restaurants in Burj Al Arab thanks to its modern and exotic atmosphere and its eclectic culinary offer, which ranges from Japanese, Chinese, Malaysian and Korean specialties.

In the open space kitchen over 25 chefs, in over 8 different locations dreams up mouth-watering creations from a different selection of only the finest ingredients.

The dress code is more casual here, and you can enjoy a fixed price buffet with very high-quality food. Prices start at $ 141 per person for lunch and $ 151 per person for dinner. Reservation is mandatory.

Bab Al Yam: the International Buffet at Burj Al Arab

Bab Al Yam is an excellent international buffet serving Mediterranean and European dishes with a touch of Middle Eastern flavours.

Its large and bright room, the simple and informal atmosphere and the beautiful view of the sea and the city make this restaurant the most suitable for those traveling with children.

In the large open kitchen in the center of the restaurant dozens of chefs create colorful and delicious dishes and you can serve yourself at the buffet as often as you want, so you can try different flavors and specialties.

Prices start from $ 125 per person. Reservation is mandatory.

Scape Restaurant: Alfresco Dining at Burj Al Arab

The Scape Restaurant is for those who love simple things, and maybe more interested in enjoying a good dinner or a good lunch on a terrace by the sea rather than taking a look at the sumptuous interior of the Burj Al Arab.

This restaurant serves culinary specialties inspired by the Côte d’Azur, genuine and simple flavors created with ingredients of the best quality.

Prices start from $105 per person for a 3-course menu. Reservation is mandatory.

BEST KEPT SECRET: A day at the pool and lunch at the Burj Al Arab

Do you want to feel like a guest of the Burj Al Arab for a whole day? Yes it is possible, and at a rather affordable price!

With this ticket you can enjoy a full day at the Burj Al Arab, as guests on the magnificent sun terrace of the 7-star hotel. You will have your sun loungers in the most exclusive place of the Burj Al Arab, with the service of butlers, dedicated cabin and two wonderful zero entry panoramic pools overlooking the ocean!

The experience includes a delicious 3-course Mediterranean lunch at the Scape Restaurant and two soft drinks.

And perhaps to complete your royal experience, you might consider enjoying a nice dinner in the restaurants of the Burj Al Arab.

The price starts from $327 per couple and is worth them up to the last penny. A luxurious cuddle to make your stay in Dubai unique!

This experience can only be booked online. Availability is extremely limited!

The afternoon tea ritual at the Burj Al Arab’s Skyview Bar

Most visitors to Burj Al Arab opt for one of the sumptuous afternoon teas at the SkyView Bar located on the 27th floor of Burj Al Arab.

This is a typical experience (the locals love the afternoon tea ritual) and at the same time incredible: the view from the SkyView Bar is breathtaking and the tea well, it’s not just a simple tea.

Get ready for a royal 5 or 7-course banquet, which includes caviar, salmon, organic sandwiches, granité with rose petal jelly and a wide selection of sweets and excellent pastries. All accompanied with a cup of great champagne and, of course, an excellent tea.

Do not miss the traditional John Stone Farm beef tourte!

Prices start at $ 138 per person. The reservation is mandatory (and it is better to make it in advance) and you can choose to go at 1.00 PM or 4.00 PM.

Enjoy a drink at Burj Al Arab’s Skyview Bar

You will hardly find a more exclusive place than Burj Al Arab to go for a cocktail in the evening.

When in Dubai you should go at least once to enjoy a good glass of wine or an ice cold cocktail at the Burj Al Arab’s Skyview Bar. Maybe at sunset or late in the evening.

Sip your drink calmly while enjoying the view of the ocean and the city, what could be more relaxing?

Burj Al Arab’s Skyview Bar offers an affordable drink package that includes 2 drinks of your choice per person (wine, beer or cocktails) and a selection of meat, vegetable and fish appetizers.

I recommend you try one of the artisan cocktails made by the talented bartenders of the Skyview Bar, in my humble opinion they are the best in the city!

It is necessary to book online in advance and choose the time you want to go (usually between 5.00 PM and 9.30 PM).

Burj Al Arab Dinner Experience: an Unforgettable Culinary Journey

Can’t decide which Burj Al Arab restaurant to try? Great! You can try them all!

Burj Al Arab offers an unforgettable culinary journey: in one night you will visit the best restaurants of the Burj Al Arab and taste the best dishes prepared by award-winning chefs.

After visiting the wonderful lobby of the Hotel, the culinary journey continues through the Scape Restaurant, enjoying a signature dish in the Al Mahara (the underwater restaurant) of chef Kim Joinie-Maurin and a main course at the Al Muntaha of chef Francky Semblat.

The evening then moves to the exclusive Skyview Bar and Restaurant by Chef Sahar Al Awadhi for a great dessert with a view.

The tasting menu includes 7 courses in 4 different restaurants and allows you to choose between meat and fish specialties or vegetarian specialties, in order to meet every need. You can also choose the option to have excellent wines paired with food.

The price starts at $ 284, it’s not cheap but it’s a normal price for an experience in a haute cuisine restaurant, and it’s a price similar to what you pay in any starred restaurant in Europe.

This experience must be booked online in advance.

Why is it so important to book in advance?

Burj Al Arab is a practically inaccessible place without a reservation. It is located on a private island in an area closed by gates and a checkpoint with private guards. There is no way to get close!

The only key that will open the doors of Burj Al Arab for you, is to book an experience online: a table at one of the restaurants or bars, a package for a drink or a day at the pool.

With the booking you will receive a code to show at the entrance and this will allow you to explore the majestic 7-star hotel up close!

Bear in mind that Burj Al Arab is one of Dubai’s most iconic attractions and every day thousands of people come to Jumeirah Beach just to see it. But Burj Al Arab remains an exclusive place and only a few people can enter every day and enjoy its restaurants or bars. This is why it is important to book in advance, especially in the high season.