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Burj Al Arab Restaurants & Bars: All You Need to Know

    Dining in one of the Burj Al Arab Restaurants is a once in a lifetime experience. The Burj Al Arab, an icon of excellence and luxury, acclaimed by international critics as the “best hotel in the world”, boasts the most exclusive restaurants in Dubai. The ideal place for an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

    The Burj Al Arab was the very first symbol of Dubai in the world. Built as an icon of the UAE’s economic expansion and with the intention of making the country famous around the world, this hotel is renowned for being the excellence of luxury, starting with its fabulous gourmet restaurants.

    Everything is designed to offer its guests an unforgettable experience, from the utmost attention to the customer, to the excellence of haute cuisine signed by some of the best international chefs. A dinner, a drink or a high tea at Burj Al Arab is one of the most amazing experiences you can have in Dubai.

    What you will find in this guide to Burj Al Arab Restaurants and Bars:

    How to have lunch or dinner in Burj Al Arab Restaurants without being a hotel guest

    Unless you’re ready to shell out over $ 2,000 to spend a night in Burj Al Arab, the only way to visit it and live the idyllic experience of feeling “king (or queen) for a day” is to book a table in one of its restaurants or bar for lunch, dinner, a drink or enjoy a fabulous afternoon tea.

    Burj Al Arab’s restaurants are also open to non-hotel guests, but the only way to get in is to reserve a table online in advance.

    You can choose to just enjoy an afternoon tea or a drink at the Skyview Bar, the wonderful rooftop bar of the Burj Khalifa, located 200 meters above the sea. Or you can choose to enjoy an unforgettable dinner or lunch at one of Burj Al Arab’s elegant and glitzy restaurants.

    Anyway, pack your best dress, this will be the best opportunity to show it off!

    Discovering the Burj Al Arab Restaurants

    The Burj Al Arab boasts 6 wonderful gourmet restaurants, as well as a selection of fabulous bars and lounges. The most prestigious restaurants in Burj Al Arab are Al Mahara, the world famous Burj Al Arab’s underwater restaurant, Al Muntaha and the traditional Al Iwan.


    Other excellent Burj Al Arab restaurants are Junsui and Bab Al Yam, serving fine buffets of international cuisine, as well as Sal Restaurant, the ideal place for a casual alfresco meal.

    In addition to the elegant Burj Al Arab restaurants, you can relax at the wonderful Skyview Bar & Restaurant which serves champagne, cocktails and delicious tapas. For connoisseurs, the exclusive Gold On 27 serves excellent cocktails, spirits, cigars and shisha.

    While the lucky guests of the Burj Al Arab’s marvelous infinity pools can take advantage of the glamorous Sal, serving excellent Mediterranean cuisine and delicious and fresh cocktails and juices.

    Al Mahara: Burj Al Arab’s Underwater Restaurant

    It is undoubtedly one of the finest restaurants in the world. I have been there several times to celebrate special occasions with my loved one, and I was delighted.

    The atmosphere of the Al Mahara Restaurant is truly incredible, from the soft lighting to the wonderful huge aquarium. The service is simply flawless.

    The tables overlook an aquarium full of tropical fish, you will have the feeling of dining in the depths of the ocean, in a fabulous surreal world.

    Al Mahara Restaurant serves excellent seafood specialties, and its refined menu is elaborated by star chef Kim Joinie-Maurin (3 Michelin Stars) and made with only the highest quality local ingredients.

    You can enjoy a lunch or dinner at the Al Mahara Restaurant in Burj Al Arab, choosing from a 5 or 7-course tasting menu. The prices are similar to those of any other European starred restaurant. Reservation is required.

    Al Muntaha: the Finest Gourmet Restaurant in the Burj Al Arab

    The Al Muntaha Restaurant is located on the 27th floor of the Burj Al Arab, with an incredible view of the Gulf. Featuring modern, bright and colorful interiors, in continuity with the eclectic architectural style of the 7-star hotel, it serves excellent menus of French and Italian haute cuisine.

    Some of the best chefs in the world have worked here, such as Francky Semblat (3 Michelin stars), who has recently left the helm to the award-winning chef Saverio Sbaragli, who after being trained by Alain Ducasse has worked in some of the best starred restaurants in the world.

    The Al Muntaha Restaurant is one of the most renowned restaurants in the Burj Al Arab, and offers the possibility to choose between an à la carte menu and a fabulous tasting menu made with fine ingredients, including Russian caviar, Italian white truffle, lobster and king crab.

    The Al Muntaha Restaurant also boasts a good choice of champagnes, and a limited but good choice of wines. The dress code is smart-elegant and advance booking is required. The prices are similar to those of Al Mahara (the tasting menu starts at 1000 AED, drinks not included).

    Al Iwan: Burj Al Arab’s Traditional Cuisine Restaurant

    The Al Iwan Restaurant, directly accessible from the Burj Al Arab’s marvelous atrium, is the ideal place to sample the best of traditional Arab cuisine.

    This Burj Al Arab restaurant serves excellent local specialties, such as traditional meze (appetizers), and lamb or fish dishes. The atmosphere is welcoming and romantic, it seems to be guests of a sumptuous Arab palace, with sumptuous decorations, crystal glasses and fine cutlery.

    Al Iwan Restaurant offers a less sophisticated dining experience than the previous ones and is also suitable for families. The prices are a little more affordable than the Al Mahara and Al Muntaha and the quality of the service is still very high. Reservation is required.

    Junsui: an Asian-Style Buffet at Burj Al Arab

    A corner of Orient in Burj Al Arab: the Junsui Restaurant offers a journey through the flavors of the Far East, in a room richly decorated with Swarovski crystals.

    This is known to be one of the trendiest restaurants in Burj Al Arab thanks to its modern and exotic atmosphere and its eclectic culinary offer, which ranges from Japanese, Chinese, Malaysian and Korean specialties.

    In the open space kitchen over 25 chefs, in 8 different cooking stations, dreams up mouth-watering creations from a different selection of only the finest ingredients.

    The dress code is more casual here, and it’s one of the more family-friendly Burj Al Arab restaurants. It offers a rich, fixed-price buffet. It is a good place to experience the elegance of Burj Al Arab, in a more informal setting, without sacrificing the high quality of food and service. Book well in advance.

    Bab Al Yam: the International Buffet at Burj Al Arab

    Bab Al Yam is another casual restaurant in the Burj Al Arab, serving an excellent international buffet, featuring Mediterranean and European specialties, with a touch of Middle Eastern flavors.

    Suitable for families, it offers a relaxed dining experience, in a large and bright room, with a beautiful view of the Gulf and the city.

    The heart of Bab Al Yam Restaurant is the large open kitchen, located in the center of the restaurant, where dozens of chefs create delicious and colorful specialties. You can watch the chefs at work and help yourself to the buffet as much as you like, so you can try different dishes and flavors. The dress code is casual, and reservations are required.

    Sal Restaurant: Alfresco Dining at Burj Al Arab

    The new Sal Restaurant is for those who love simple things, and who are more interested in enjoying a good lunch or dinner on a lovely terrace overlooking the sea, rather than taking a peek into the sumptuous interior of the Burj Al Arab.

    This eclectic and chic Burj Al Arab restaurant offers a menu inspired by the best of Mediterranean cuisine, mainly Spanish and Italian, with a touch of Portuguese flavors and French sophistication.

    Located right in front of the wonderful infinity pool and stunning cabanas overlooking the Arabian Gulf, it is probably the most glamorous place to dine at Burj Al Arab, boasting simple, fresh and tasty cuisine, a relaxed and unsophisticated atmosphere, and a great selection of champagne, wines, cocktails and spirits. Reservation is required.

    Burj Al Arab Afternoon Tea: Experience the Magic of the Amazing Skyview Bar

    The Burj Al Arab Afternoon Tea (Aperitif) is one of the best experiences to have in Dubai. Not only is it the most affordable and informal way to visit the sumptuous 7-star hotel, but it is a truly unforgettable experience, as it allows you to fully enjoy the glamorous atmosphere of the wonderful rooftop bar of the Burj Al Arab, the world famous Skyview Bar, located on the 27th floor of the Burj Al Arab.

    The Skyview Bar is indisputably one of the best bars in Dubai, with an excellent selection of cocktails, mixology, wines and spirits, but above all it boasts a breathtaking view of the Dubai skyline, the iconic palm-shaped Palm Jumeirah Island and the Arabian Gulf.

    The Burj Al Arab Afternoon Tea experience is quite loved by locals and travelers alike. The so-called Burj Al Arab High Tea consists of a fabulous multi-course banquet, which includes a tasting of the best teas in the world, served with caviar, salmon, organic sandwiches, granité with rose petal jelly and a wide selection of sweets and excellent pastries.

    In addition, the Burj Al Arab Afternoon Tea includes a glass of the great “Louis Roederer” champagne.

    The Burj Al Arab Afternoon Tea experience is one of the most popular in Dubai and availability is very limited, so you need to book well in advance. Reservation is required and must be done online.

    The Skyview Bar Burj Al Arab is open every day from 17.30 to 24.00. When booking you will have to choose the time you prefer to go, for an enchanting view of the city go there at sunset. However, the experience of the Skyview Bar Burj Al Arab deserves even after dark!

    Enjoy a drink at Burj Al Arab Skyview Bar

    The Skyview Bar Burj Al Arab is probably Dubai’s most exclusive place to go for a cocktail in the evening. When in Dubai you should at least once indulge in a relaxing evening in this fabulous lounge, with incredible views over the city.

    The Skyview Bar Burj Al Arab specializes in mixology, serving fabulous cocktails and fine wines, champagnes and spirits. In the evening, wealthy locals, travelers, models and business people come here to relax and have a drink and a bite to eat.

    The Skyview Bar Burj Al Arab is open every day from 17.30 to 24.00. In the late afternoon it is quite popular with travelers who come here for the famous Burj Al Arab Afternoon Tea or Aperitif.

    In the evening, however, is the ideal time to enjoy an excellent drink in complete relaxation, in the exclusive setting of the Burj Al Arab. Reservation is required.

    Live the Glittering Experience of the Gold On 27 at Burj Al Arab

    Gold On 27 is the Burj Al Arab’s most exclusive gastro-bar. Located on the 27th floor, with a wonderful view of the Arabian Gulf and the Dubai skyline, the lounge of the Gold On 27 is the quintessence of the Burj Al Arab bars.

    Here you can taste some of the best artisan cocktails in the city, made by some of the best mixologists in the world. The selection of cocktails ranges from the most traditional flavors to the most modern and eclectic ones.

    The most famous cocktail is Element 79, with pure gold pearlesence (79 is the atomic number of Gold). But the glitz does not end there, because at the Gold On 27 you can smoke shisha, and if the flavors of the highest quality are not enough for you, you can smoke a shisha with pure 24K gold.

    At Gold On 27 you will also find an excellent selection of spirits from all over the world, champagne, juices and non-alcoholic cocktails, as well as a small but tasty selection of snacks and desserts. Reservation is required.


    Culinary Flight: the Tasting Experience of the best Burj Al Arab Restaurants

    If you can’t decide which Burj Al Arab restaurant to try, then you could try them all in one night!

    Burj Al Arab restaurants offer a package called “Culinary Flight” which is the most complete dining experience you can have at Burj Al Arab.

    For one night you will live the dream of being a guest of the luxurious Burj Al Arab, visiting its best restaurants and tasting the best specialties cooked by its award-winning chefs.

    The experience begins in the wonderful lobby of the Burj Al Arab, from here you will start your gastronomic journey through the Burj Al Arab restaurants, from the chic Sal Restaurant to the unforgettable Al Mahara Restaurant (the underwater restaurant) where you can taste some refined dishes prepared by the chef starred Kim Joinie-Maurin.

    Your experience will continue at the eclectic Al Muntaha Restaurant, serving Italian and French haute cuisine specialties, and then reach the Skyview Bar where you can enjoy a great dessert with a view.

    The tasting menu includes 7 courses in 4 different restaurants. You can choose between meat or fish specialties, as well as vegetarian options. The price of this tasting menu starts at AED 995 (AED 1750 with wine pairing). The experience must be booked well in advance.

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    How much does it cost to have dinner in one of the Burj Al Arab restaurants?

    In the Burj Al Arab there are more expensive restaurants, such as Al Mahara Restaurant and Al Muntaha Restaurant, as well as more affordable ones such as Junsui and Bab Al Yam.

    The average Burj al Arab dinner price is around AED 800 per person, excluding drinks.

    The tasting menu at Al Mahara Restaurant starts at AED 795, while at Al Muntaha Restaurant it starts at AED 1000 per person. In the case of a la carte menus, the prices can be significantly higher, depending on what you order (for 50 g of Beluga Imperial Caviar you could spend over 3000 AED, for example).

    What is the price of Burj Al Arab Afternoon Tea?

    The Burj Al Arab Afternoon Tea (Aperitif) price depends on the type of package you choose, there are from the most basic to the most complete. The average price of Burj Al Arab Afternoon Tea is around 900 AED.

    There are different types of Burj Al Arab Afternoon Tea. The cheapest is that of Sahn Eddar, the bar located in the atrium of the Burj Al Arab, but it is not as spectacular as that of the Skyview Bar.

    The best Burj Al Arab Afternoon Tea is undoubtedly that of the Skyview Bar, from where you can have a breathtaking view.

    Can I have dinner or lunch at one of the Burj Al Arab Restaurants without a reservation?

    Unfortunately you can’t. Reservations are essential for all Burj Al Arab restaurants, as well as for Burj Al Arab Afternoon Tea or to have a drink at the Skyview Bar or Gold On 27.

    The Burj Al Arab is a virtually inaccessible place without a reservation. It is located on a private island, connected to the mainland only by a bridge. To access the bridge you will have to go through the gate where there is a checkpoint with private guards.

    To get the gate open for you, you will need to show a valid reservation to the guards. There is no other way to get close to the Burj Al Arab.

    The only key that will open the doors of the Burj Al Arab to you will be a reservation, made in advance online, for one of the restaurants of the Burj Al Arab or for an afternoon tea or a drink at the Skyview Bar or Gold On 27.

    The Burj Al Arab is still one of the most exclusive places in Dubai, so the prices are not affordable for everyone. But this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for anyone traveling to Dubai, which is why it is necessary to book well in advance, as only a few people a day can have the privilege of experiencing it.

    Things to see and do around the Burj Al Arab

    The Burj Al Arab is located near Jumeirah Beach and some of the Best Beaches in Dubai. From here you can also pop into the quaint Madinat Jumeirah neighborhood and nearby Wild Wadi Water Park.

    When in Dubai it is also worth seeing the other iconic skyscrapers of the city, such as the Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Frame.

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