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Dubai Garden Glow

Dubai Garden Glow: Tickets, Deals & Useful Tips (2023)

    If you are visiting Dubai with the kids, then it’s worth spending an evening at Dubai Garden Glow, the most sparkling park in Dubai!

    Thousands of luminous sculptures and artistic creations come to life after sunset, but that’s not all: at Dubai Garden Glow you can also visit a huge dinosaur museum, discover amazing ice sculptures and have fun at Magic Park, a place where you can have fun experiencing crazy optical illusions.

    Dubai Garden Glow: family fun in the heart of Zabeel Park

    The Dubai Garden Glow is located right in the heart of Zabeel Park, one of the most beautiful parks in Dubai, where the huge and iconic Dubai Frame is also located.

    If you are on holiday in Dubai with the family, you might want to visit the Dubai Frame in the late afternoon, and then end your visit to the Dubai Garden Glow, a place the kids will love!

    The Dubai Garden Glow is an exhibition that winds along the park’s paths, and here you can also visit other interesting attractions: the Dinosaur Park, the Art and Ice Park and the Magic Park.

    Among the different attractions you can have fun trying street food specialties from all over the world: every evening this area is filled with vans and stalls.

    What to expect at Dubai Garden Glow?

    Dubai Garden Glow is a park where you can see hundreds of installations made of recycled plastic, which are illuminated in the dark creating incredible sparkling sculptures.

    The installations change from year to year, and are constantly renewed by artists from all over the world. You can see miniature replicas of famous landmarks, skyscrapers and animals, as well as romantic illuminated love tunnels that you can walk through.

    Dinosaur Park in the Dubai Garden Glow

    Children will be thrilled to visit Dinosaur Park, an outdoor attraction entirely dedicated to the fascinating world of dinosaurs.

    Here kids can learn the history and some curious facts about these prehistoric giants, learning something new about three eras: Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous.

    There are 120 lifelike animatronic dinosaurs in Dinosaur Park, and kids can hear their noises as they approach the fences.

    Ice Park in the Dubai Garden Glow

    The Ice Park is one of the most spectacular attractions of the Dubai Garden Glow, an indoor park entirely dedicated to huge ice sculptures.

    It is quite unusual to find an ice sculpture exhibit in the middle of the desert. Inside the Ice Park the temperature is kept below freezing, but don’t worry as the staff will give you a jacket to keep you warm.

    Magic Park in the Dubai Garden Glow

    Magic Park is the new attraction of Dubai Garden Glow and has already become one of the most popular! Kids (and parents too) will be delighted by the mysterious world of magic.

    There are several attractions, mostly based on optical illusions, which will allow you to wander around a room walking on the ceiling and stuff like that. Nice to take some instagrammable photos!

    Dubai Garden Glow

    Dubai Garden Glow Tickets and Deals

    Dubai Garden Glow ticket costs AED 65 per person and includes a visit to Glow Park and Dinosaur Park. If you want to visit the Magic Park too, the ticket costs AED 110.

    You can choose to buy tickets online at a discounted price. In this case you also save a lot of time, because the queue at the ticket office is always quite long.

    Dubai Garden Glow Timings

    Dubai Garden Glow is open daily from 5.00 PM to 11.00 PM.

    The attractions are renewed every year, usually in the summer. The park is open for seasons that generally last from October to May.

    How to get to Dubai Garden Glow

    I recommend that you combine the visit to the Dubai Garden Glow with that to the Dubai Frame (in this post you will find all the info you need).

    Otherwise, the fastest and easiest way to get to Dubai Garden Glow is by taxi.

    Alternatively you can take the Dubai Metro Red Line and get off at Al Jafiliya Station or World Trade Center Station. From both you have to walk for about 1.5 km.