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Yas Waterworld: 5 Reasons Why You Should Go! – 2023

    If you love splashing water, experience the thrill of amazing water slides and enjoy a day of sun, relaxation and fun with friends or family, Yas Waterworld is the place for you!

    Yas Waterworld is the amazing water park located in the heart of Yas Island, in Abu Dhabi, famous for its renowned entertainment attractions.

    Yas Waterworld is undoubtedly the most spectacular and fun water park in the UAE, with over 40 amazing attractions for the whole family, and is considered among the best in the world.

    5 Good Reasons That Make Yas Waterworld a Must-See Park!

    1. There are more than 40 amazing attractions to try!

    Yas Waterworld is not just a water park. It is a real amusement park, with spectacular roller coasters and a total of 43 rides and attractions spread over an area of over 11 hectares.

    It is located in the heart of the island of fun: Yas Island, where the famous Ferrari World and Warner Bross World are also located!

    This allows you to also take advantage of convenient offers to visit multiple parks with a single ticket at a discounted price.

    2. It is known as one of the best water parks in the world

    The park theme tells stories of pirates, giant magical pearls and a girl and her friends trying to save their village from bandits. So expect huge bandit forts, pirate ships to storm, water cannon battles, and magical oases where you can relax.

    Open since 2013, Yas Waterworld was born from the experience of an expert team, led by architect Tom Wright (the same who designed the Burj Al Arab).

    Its attractions are unique and original, which has allowed Yas Waterworld to win dozens of international awards and to be considered one of the best waterparks in the world.

    3. You can try dozens of thrilling rides: from dizzying waterslides to incredible roller coasters

    What makes Yas Waterworld truly special is the huge choice of adrenaline-pumping rides. You cannot fail to notice the impressive water slides that characterize the park!

    In reality, you have such a wide choice that you will hardly be able to try all the rides! In my opinion these are the best:

    Liwa Loop

    At first glance, Liwa Loop may just sound like a waterslide. Trust me, there is much more to it. Liwa Loop is an intense adrenaline rush that begins in a capsule that is quite high. Suddenly the capsule floor opens and you free fall into this whirlwind of ultra-high-speed waterslides!

    Eventually, this drop evens out to a thrilling slide that has you going through many twists and turns before you finish. For this ride you must be at least 120 cm tall (4 feet).

    Jebel Drop

    Jebel Drop is the tallest waterslide in Yas Waterworld. Once on the top you go straight down through this steep water slide, enjoying a breathtaking view over the entire park. This ride is suitable for everyone.


    Sebag is an unmissable attraction if you are with friends or family! There are 6 parallel water slides, not too scary but perfect for a race! A minimum height of 120 cm is required.

    Bandit Bomber

    The Bandit Bomber is the Yas Waterworld’s exciting roller coaster, and will give you the impression of flying above the park, suspended in the air.

    The Bandit Bomber also holds the world record for being the world’s longest suspended roller coaster. During your ride you can choose to add a touch of thrill by adding a variety effects, such as water jets, water bombs, and more. People below the riders can also spray them with water cannons as they pass.

    To ride this coaster, you must be between 100 and 205 cm tall (3 to 6,5 feet).

    Slithers Slides

    Slithers Slides is one of Yas Waterworld’s most popular attractions. These twin water slides allow you to live an ever-changing experience, which you can customize by choosing different lighting effects.

    The experience is quite thrilling, but it’s not that scary! You’ll want to try them again and again. Minimum required height: 120 cm.


    This is an absolutely unmissable attraction! Dawwama is one heck of a thrill ride. This is the world’s largest tornado waterslide designed for six people!

    On this ride you are launched from a raft through the tornado like top. Hold on tight! As you get closer to the center, you ride speeds up until finally you enter the tunnel for a long 20-meter slide!

    You must be 140 cm tall (or 4,5 feet) to ride this.

    4. You can enjoy a lot of fun and family-friendly attractions

    In addition to the wide choice of exciting rides, Yas Waterworld also offers dozens of attractions designed for the whole family, where you can make the most of your day and play with your family or friends.


    AMWAJ is the wave pool at Yas Water world. This pool creates many different and unique wave forms to enjoy. You can just dive into the pool and let the waves carry you around. None of these waves are too big so this is something the whole family can enjoy. This pool is suitable for everyone.

    Cannon Point

    Okay, I admit, this is an attraction I love, even if I’m not a kid! Cannon Point is a great area for your kids!

    In this area the Bandit Bomber riders pass right over your head, and you can shoot them with water cannons! They will respond by spraying you with jets of water, giving life to an epic battle, right down to the last splash!

    This fun attraction is suitable for the whole family!

    Al Raha River

    Al Raha River is the ideal place to relax and have fun at the same time. You will be comfortably seated on a floating donut and will be carried away by the gentle current of this river that flows through the park.

    You will explore caves and mysterious worlds, while the gentle waves will rock you. This ride is suitable for everyone!


    Earlier I mentioned a little bit about the legend of the lost pearl, but maybe you would like to know the whole story!

    Then go to Cinesplash, an incredible 5D adventure that tells the whole story as seen from the eyes of the little protagonists, Dana and her friends.

    Get ready for a very very realistic experience! The cinema will fill with water up to your knees, you will pass through jets of water and dizzying waterfalls, and the effects will be amazing!

    The minimum height here is 110 cm (or 3,5 feet).

    5. Yas Waterworld is in the heart of Yas Island: Abu Dhabi’s family fun paradise

    Yas Waterworld is located on Yas Island, which is known around the world for being a real family fun paradise.

    Here are some of the best theme parks in the world, such as Ferrari World, a park entirely dedicated to the legendary Italian sports car brand, and to the world of racing. Here you can experience incredible roller coasters (the fastest in the world) and spectacular attractions for the whole family.

    Another theme park that is worth the trip is Warner Bross World, where you will be catapulted into the fantastic world of cartoons, with incredible attractions that will delight the whole family.

    A stone’s throw from Yas Waterworld is the Yas Marina Circuit of Formula 1, an unmissable stop for all motor enthusiasts! Here you can even try to drive a Formula 1 car!

    You can buy online a ticket that allows you to visit 2 (or 3!) parks on the same day at a special price!

    Yas Waterworld Tickets and Offers

    Ticket prices for Yas Waterworld start at AED 250 for the standard ticket, which allows you to stay in the park for the whole day and enjoy all the attractions.

    To save money and time you can buy it online at a discounted price!

    If you are also planning to visit Ferrari World or Warner Bross World, I recommend that you choose this discounted ticket that allows you to visit two parks and save on the ticket price.


    If you plan to stay for a few nights and make the most of the fun of Yas Island, you can check out these packages which include entry to the parks and stay in some of the best hotels on Yas Island (breakfast included), and that allow you to get huge savings!

    Yas Waterworld Timings

    The opening hours of Yas Waterworld are from 10 AM to 8 PM every day.

    On Fridays the park closes at 10 PM.

    Keep in mind that some days and hours are for women only (Ladies Days). You can check the updated entrance times on the Yas Waterworld website.

    For the winter season 2021-2022 there are some changes to Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi opening hours:

    Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu and Sat: from 10 AM to 6 PM
    Fri: from 10 AM to 6 PM and Winter Movie Nights from 6 PM to 8 PM
    Closed on Sundays.

    A maintenance temporary closure is scheduled at Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi from 3 January 2022 to 11 February 2022.

    IMPORTANT: For health safety reasons, the park can accommodate just a limited number of people per day, so you need to book your ticket online in advance!

    How to Get to Yas Waterworld

    From Abu Dhabi you can get to the Yas Waterworld by taking Bus No. 190 from Abu Dhabi Bus Station and getting off at Yas Mall. It takes 30-50 minutes.

    If you are staying on Yas Island you can reach Yas Waterworld by the Yas Express free shuttle that runs daily from 9.00 AM to 9.00 PM and stops near the main Yas Island’s hotels.

    From Dubai, the quickest and most practical way to get to Yas Waterworld is with a private transfer.

    If you have chosen to visit Abu Dhabi with the Hop On Hop Off double-decker buses, getting to Yas Waterworld and moving among the attractions of Yas Island is really easy, the bus stops right in front of the Yas Mall and from here you can reach Yas Waterworld with a few minutes walk.

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