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Dubai Travel Insurance: Discover the Best and Cheapest in 2023

    Having a good travel insurance is a must for those traveling to Dubai or other city in the UAE.

    When you travel to the UAE, even a small accident can turn into a serious expense and cause many problems. Health care is expensive and you may be forced to immediately pay a bill of hundreds of thousands of dollars, as local law does not allow you to leave the UAE if all your debts have not been paid.

    This is the reason why health insurance is strongly recommended (and in some cases it is mandatory). Let’s find out what a Dubai travel insurance should cover and what are the best and cheapest solutions!

    Is travel insurance mandatory to visit Dubai?

    If you are eligible for a visa on arrival, travel insurance is not mandatory, but is strongly recommended.

    If you need a visit visa, travel insurance is mandatory, must be specifically valid for the UAE, and must be purchased from a reliable and recognized international insurance company.

    Why should I buy travel insurance before my trip to Dubai?

    Dubai is an amazing city: it is packed with attractions and things to do. There are amusement parks for all tastes, you can try all kinds of sports (including inland skiing, explore the coast by jet ski or drive a racing car) and experience unforgettable adventures, such as the adrenaline dune bashing or a more peaceful camel ride.

    To make the most of your trip to Dubai, you don’t have to be stressed by the thought that even the slightest accident could ruin your vacation and cost you all your life savings.

    Unfortunately, an accident can happen to even the most careful person. For example, I always try to be very cautious, yet I have found myself at least a couple of times in unpleasant situations, where the help of my health insurance has been fundamental.

    Dubai Travel Medical Insurance Best Travel Insurance UAE

    When traveling in the UAE you must consider that:

    • Healthcare is not free and medical expenses are high
    • The level of medical care in private clinics in Dubai is generally very good and doctors speak English there, but only those with the best insurance can access it
    • The medical bill must be paid in full before leaving the country, otherwise you may be arrested at passport control when you are leaving
    • In an emergency it is much better to have someone send you well-trained rescuers and manage to reserve a place in the best international hospital

    It can be banal gastroenteritis, a toothache, a heat stroke or something more serious. One thing is for sure, it’s not worth the risk.

    In addition, there are non-health-related issues that the best travel insurance covers, such as loss of baggage, theft of valuables or passport, legal problems or damage caused.

    Today travel insurance is relatively cheap and reliable. Their price is affordable, and they can be purchased in a few clicks from home, offering the possibility to travel safely and without worries.

    What is the best travel insurance for those who are traveling to Dubai?

    A good travel insurance must be internationally recognized, valid for the country you are visiting (many travel insurances do not cover the UAE), able to offer perfect local assistance and to cover most of the activities and things that are important for a traveler.

    After many years of traveling and after having tried different insurances, the one I loved is Civitatis, because it is reliable (the policies are offered in partnership with the major insurances and with a great value for money), offers excellent customer service and is tailored specifically to the needs of travellers. Plus it’s pretty cheap!

    Why it is the best Dubai travel insurance?

    In my experience, when choosing a good travel insurance, I look at:

    • The coverage for medical expenses, including any hospitalization, medicines, or rehabilitation treatments
    • If it covers medical transport and emergency repatriation costs
    • If it covers legal fees or any involuntary damage caused to others
    • If it protects your luggage and personal belongings from loss, theft or damage
    • If it has good coverage regarding delays or cancellations of flights or parts of the trip
    • If it covers most fun, sporting or outdoor activities

    What I appreciate most is the fact that I can rely on a travel insurance that understands the needs of travellers, which is transparent, easy to activate and with clear prices and conditions.

    Disclaimer: This is not professional advice, we do not sell insurance and we do not recommend insurance. This information is just for educational purposes.

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