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Emirates Palace: The Marvelous 7-Star Hotel in Abu Dhabi

    The Emirates Palace of Abu Dhabi is the icon of the luxury and wealth of the Emirates. It’s not just a hotel, it’s the quintessence of hotels, one of Abu Dhabi’s most beautiful and majestic landmarks.

    Although it looks more like a royal palace than a hotel, the Emirates Palace is famous all over the world for being one of the most luxurious hotels, the second after the Burj Al Arab to win the name of 7-Star Hotel.

    From the bar that serves a world-famous Gold Flaked Cappuccino, which features real flakes of 24-carat gold (which is edible), to an entire floor reserved for the Royals, the Emirates Palace does not cease to amaze guests and visitors from all over the world world.

    5 interesting facts about the Emirate Palace

    • The Emirates Palace was inaugurated in 2005 and has been managed by the luxury hotel chain Kempinski until the end of 2019. Since January 2020 it has been operated by Mandarin Oriental. The Emirates Palace is famous for being one of the most expensive hotels ever built in the world: its cost was over USD 3 billion.
    • The Emirates Palace has 394 luxurious rooms and suites and boasts finishes in gold, silver and mother-of-pearl, as well as being characterized by the extensive use of fine marble coming mainly from Italy and India. The Emirates Palace features 114 domes, the main one is 73 meters high. The interiors boast over 1000 chandeliers, the largest weighing 2.5 tons. The penthouse includes 6 Rulers Suites: the entire floor is reserved for the royal family.
    Emirates Palace Hotel 7 Star Abu Dhabi
    • Emirates Palace has 1.3 km (0.8 miles) of private beach, a private marina and two helicopter pads. Guests can enjoy one of the best spas in Abu Dhabi as well as swimming pools located in a magnificent park characterized by green lawns and palm trees. The Emirates Palace was conceived as the maximum prestige for business travelers in Abu Dhabi, which is why it has huge conference centers ready to host corporate meetings and conventions.
    • The atrium of the Emirates Palace, embellished with 13 varieties of precious marbles of different colors, decorations in gold leaves, handmade rugs and Swarovski crystals is amazing. But what is even more surprising are the 14 restaurants and bars of the Emirates Palace where guests can enjoy the best international cuisine, the maximum of gastronomic luxury and specialties that have become real must-haves for those visiting Abu Dhabi, such as those served from Le Café, the most glamorous café in the Emirates Palace.

    These are some of the reasons why wealthy guests (the price per night of a suite is from 1000 to 10.000 USD, while they spend from 600 to 1000 USD for a double room) choose to stay in this dream hotel.

    In addition, his fame grows day by day as more and more famous people are staying here, not to mention the fact that the Emirates Palace was the set of some popular films, such as Fast and Furious 7.

    Sometimes (usually in the low season) it is possible to find excellent offers online, such as a double room around 250 – 350 USD. If you plan to stay in Abu Dhabi and are not on a budget it might be a good idea to check the prices!

    Things to Do and See at the Emirates Palace

    If you are visiting Abu Dhabi but you are not staying at the Emirates Palace, you can still grasp the main wonders that this incredible hotel offers its guests.

    The Emirates Palace is for Abu Dhabi what Burj Al Arab is for Dubai: an iconic place that has entered the list of the main attractions of the city, and at the top of the list of things to see.

    In addition to being able to admire one of the most beautiful and impressive examples of modern Arab architecture, people visit the Emirates Palace for:

    • Dine or have lunch in one of the excellent restaurants of the Emirates Palace
    • Try the world-famous gold-flaked Palace Cappuccino, or one of the must-try traditional tea ceremonies at Le Café, reported as “Best Café in Abu Dhabi” and “Best Afternoon Tea in Abu Dhabi”

    How to visit the Emirates Palace

    The Emirates Palace, just like the Burj Al Arab, can only be visited by guests or by those who have a reservation for one of its restaurants. So most visitors can only admire it from outside.

    It is actually quite easy (and not too expensive) to book an experience in one of the Emirates Palace restaurants and feel like a Sheikh for a day, just choose from the different options available:

    Dinner at the Emirates Palace: Le Vendôme and Hakkasan Restaurants

    If you want to live a truly memorable experience you can book a table at Le Vendôme or Hakkasan, two of the most famous restaurants in the Emirates Palace.

    As usual in many Abu Dhabi fine dining restaurants you can help yourself from the buffet (all you can eat) which offers a wide selection of high-quality dishes, including vegetarian specialties.

    Le Vendôme is an elegant restaurant serving local Emirati specialties and excellent international cuisine. From the terrace of Le Vendôme you can enjoy a beautiful view of the Emirates Palace gardens and the marina.

    The famous Hakkasan restaurant offers award-winning specialties of the best Asian cuisine in a very refined setting.

    You just have to choose whether to go for lunch or dinner: you can book a table for dinner choosing between Le Vendôme and Hakkasan, or enjoy an excellent lunch in Le Vendôme.

    In both cases, pick-up and drop off at your hotel in Abu Dhabi (or at the port, if you arrive on a cruise) are included. So… put on the best dress you have in your suitcase and enjoy this unforgettable gastronomic experience!

    Try the Golden Palace Cappuccino or the Royal Traditional Tea Ritual

    Most people visiting Emirates Palace choose to try the world famous Palace Cappuccino sprinkled with real 23-carat gold flakes (edible), accompanied by a delicious slice of cake.

    But if you want to live a real royal experience, try the Royal Afternoon Tea ritual: in addition to the delicious traditional tea they will bring you a selection of seafood sandwiches, including 24K gold-dusted salmon, as well as gourmet specialties such as mille feuille of foie gras, sprinkled with 23K gold. All served together with a selection of sweets and pastries. Must try absolutely at least once in a lifetime!

    These experiences can be made at Le Café, the café of the Emirates Palace, famous for being the “Best Café in Abu Dhabi”.

    See Abu Dhabi and the Emirates Palace from the Sea on a Speedboat Tour

    Abu Dhabi and its wonders arise on a series of islands along the Persian Gulf coast, so the city shows its best side when viewed from the sea!

    You can take a tour of Abu Dhabi’s main attractions by speedboat and thus enjoy the amazing view of the skyline and the most iconic and hidden places, including the Emirates Palace and its marina and the Presidential Palace.

    Book well in advance because it is almost always fully booked!

    See the Emirates Palace on a guided tour of Abu Dhabi

    This is the best option if you have limited time, you can take a guided tour (available in several languages) that allows you to see the main attractions of Abu Dhabi, including the Sheikh Zayed Mosque, the Emirates Palace, the Etihad Towers and the Qasr Al Watan.

    A good deal is to choose a combined tour: in the morning you will enjoy a guided tour of Abu Dhabi while in the afternoon an exciting 4×4 safari in the Abu Dhabi Desert awaits you, with desert dinner included.

    Visit the Emirates Palace from Dubai

    If you are visiting Dubai you should seriously think about dedicating at least one full day to visiting Abu Dhabi!

    You can easily visit the main attractions of Abu Dhabi, there are guided tours that starts from Dubai (with hotel pickup and drop-off) and allow you to spend a full day in Abu Dhabi and see all its most famous landmarks, such as the Sheikh Zayed Mosque, the Emirates Palace and the Etihad Towers.

    Combo Tour: Abu Dhabi (including Mosque and Emirates Palace) and Ferrari World

    For a fun-filled day you can choose a tour that combines a visit to the main attractions of Abu Dhabi with a visit to Ferrari World, the incredible theme park dedicated to the world of motors.

    From Dubai to Abu Dhabi by Seaplane: Amazing Experience!

    If you are looking for a truly out of the ordinary experience, you can enjoy an incredible seaplane flight from Dubai to Abu Dhabi!

    Upon departure you will enjoy the breathtaking view of Dubai, once you arrive in Abu Dhabi you can enjoy a guided tour of the main attractions of the city and then live the experience of the gold-flaked Palace Cappuccino at the Emirates Palace. This is undoubtedly one of the most incredible experiences you can live in the Emirates!

    Emirates Palace Visiting Hours

    Emirates Palace is accessible only to guests and people who have a reservation for one of its cafes or restaurants or for one of the booked experiences.

    On the booking you will find the entry time you have chosen. Without a reservation to show to the guards at the gates they won’t let you in!

    How to get to the Emirates Palace

    If you decide to visit the Emirates Palace on a guided tour you won’t have to worry about anything, transportation is always included.

    In the other cases there are mainly two solutions: you can choose to go by taxi or if you prefer to go around Abu Dhabi on your own the best solution is the Hop On Hop Off double-decker buses: the stop is right in front of the Emirates Palace.

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