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Last Exit Dubai: Guide to Dubai’s Food Truck Parks (2023)

    Last Exit Dubai is a sort of theme park primarily centered around food trucks and street food from all over the world. Serving as a delightful stop for families, it offers a delectable fusion of flavors and amusement, nestled along the sprawling desert highways on Dubai’s periphery.

    Drawing loose inspiration from the awe-inspiring landscapes of Route 66, Last Exit Dubai seamlessly infuses a dash of nostalgic American allure into the heart of the Middle East. This distinctive and innovative concept garners adoration from both residents and visitors, creating an enchanting tapestry of culture and culinary delight.

    Last Exit Dubai: The Ultimate Destination for Food Truck Enthusiasts in the UAE

    Travel back in time to an era when food was simple and quick, with a visit to Last Exit Dubai. This unique concept pays homage to the golden age of fuss-free dining, drawing inspiration from the streamlined 1950s fuel stations. The nostalgia is palpable as you wander through the flagship locations, adorned with retro vans, trucks, and trailers, evoking memories of a time when meals were served with a smile and without the frills.

    Nestled within Dubai’s expanse, Last Exit Dubai is not just another culinary experience, it’s a celebration of simplicity and flavors. The concept materializes within specially curated parks, where open-air eateries take the form of whimsically designed food trucks. A gastronomic adventure awaits as you embark on a journey through an array of diverse dishes, catering to every palate. Whether you’re a discerning foodie or a casual diner, Last Exit Dubai leaves no one unsatisfied.

    Behind this triumphant formula lies Meraas, the visionary force that brought this concept to life in the heart of Dubai. What started as a single park featuring 11 food trucks has blossomed into a tapestry of four distinct locations scattered across the city. With over 60 exceptional food trucks collectively, Last Exit Dubai beckons you day and night, with several of its venues remaining open 24/7. This accessibility ensures that your cravings are met at any hour, be it a sumptuous breakfast or a late-night feast.

    Each Last Exit locale boasts its own unique theme, enveloping visitors in an immersive experience. Beyond the culinary delights, these spaces offer a spectrum of amenities, enriching your visit. From children’s playgrounds to prayer rooms, every aspect is thoughtfully curated. Practicality meets convenience with readily accessible ATMs, charging stations to power your devices, and round-the-clock security, ensuring your peace of mind as you indulge in the delights before you.

    Last Exit Dubai Locations

    There are four distinct Last Exit Dubai branches spread across the city. The first ones to open was the flagship locations Last Exit Dubai DXB Bound, now doubled with the Last Exit Dubai AUH Bound. These are renowned for their American-inspired food trucks and attractions. They serve as two expansive service areas situated along the road connecting Dubai and Abu Dhabi, with one serving the direction towards Abu Dhabi and the other in the opposite direction.

    Due to their tremendous success, two new venues have been introduced, each with its own unique theme: Last Exit Dubai Al Qudra and Last Exit Dubai Al Khawaneej. The former is nestled amidst the desert on the outskirts of Dubai, while the latter is conveniently located closer to the city center, being part of a shopping center right next to Quranic Park.

    In all instances, the concept remains consistent, revolving around a drive-in formula. The layout includes dedicated lanes for each food truck and a spacious parking lot where patrons can comfortably enjoy their meals, despite variations in the food truck offerings. As for my personal favorites, I have a strong preference for the initial locations, particularly the ones situated along the Dubai route, with Last Exit Dubai DXB Bound being my top choice.

    Last Exit Dubai Food Truck Park

    Last Exit Dubai Venues: Detailed Overview

    Last Exit Dubai Jebel Ali

    Embarking on a road trip through the bustling city of Dubai? Break up your journey with a pit stop that promises not only refueling for your car but also a delicious refueling for your taste buds. Welcome to Last Exit Jebel Ali, a haven of food truck delights that caters to the road-weary traveler and hungry locals alike.

    Nestled near the new Jebel Ali Hills area, Last Exit Jebel Ali comprises two distinct precincts: Last Exit Dubai DXB Bound and Last Exit Dubai Abu Dhabi Bound. Open 24/7, these food truck hubs have become synonymous with quick bites on your way home, a casual family meal, or a road trip drive-through, offering an array of culinary options to suit all tastes.

    Last Exit Dubai DXB Bound

    The pioneer of the Last Exit brand, Last Exit Dubai DXB Bound, stands proudly on the E11 motorway near the Ghantoot exit. Hosting a collection of 12 food trucks, this park plays host to renowned takeaway establishments such as Operation Falafel, Big Smoke Burger, D.O.N. Pizza, and Urban Seafood. No matter the time of day, whether you’re after breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a snack, the park is ready to serve up flavorful treats to satisfy your cravings.

    Inspired by the American food truck stops that line highways across the United States, the Last Exit DXB Bound park spans over 1500 square meters of space. Its 12 diverse food trucks, alongside a mini supermarket, transport visitors to an atmosphere reminiscent of classic American road trips. As you explore the park, historic cars and original trucks from America, Sri Lanka, and England are artfully interspersed, adding a touch of nostalgia to the experience.

    The food park’s concept is simple and convenient: upon arrival, guests can choose from any of the 12 restaurants housed within food trucks. Placing orders is a breeze with individual intercoms at each truck, much like the familiar drive-thru experience. With your order in hand, you have the option to savor your meal in the comfort of your car or at one of the numerous tables dotted around the park.

    Beyond the delectable food offerings, Last Exit Jebel Ali is equipped with a range of facilities to cater to every traveler’s needs. A gas station, ATMs, a prayer room, and well-maintained restrooms are all conveniently available. Families with young children will appreciate the dedicated playground, while those seeking a quick phone charge can do so at charging stations peppered throughout the park. Fresh fruit and groceries can also be found at the 24-hour All Day Mini Market.

    While the gas station behind the food trucks serves a practical purpose, it does so with a dash of nostalgia. Adorned with vintage car posters, car tires, and retro accessories, the station’s ambiance completes the park’s charming atmosphere. As you explore Last Exit Jebel Ali, you’ll encounter an array of dining options, each housed in its own unique food truck. These eateries provide a variety of flavors ranging from classic comfort foods to international delicacies.

    Last Exit Dubai Abu Dhabi Bound

    Last Exit Dubai Abu Dhabi Bound, the latest addition to the Last Exit family, maintains the park’s reputation for culinary excellence and unique ambiance. Situated near interchange 11 on Sheik Zayed Road, this park echoes the quirky charm of its counterpart in Jebel Ali. Themed around the iconic Hollywood film Mad Max, it showcases monstrous trucks adorned with spines, machine guns, and wrecking balls. The AUH Bound park features 9 diverse food trucks serving up a plethora of mouthwatering dishes, from pizzas and sandwiches to Thai cuisine.

    In addition to the tantalizing food options, Last Exit Abu Dhabi Bound offers practical amenities such as ample parking and a secure children’s play area, making it an ideal stop for families.

    Last Exit Dubai Al Qudra

    Last Exit Dubai Exit Al Qudra stands as the second installment of the Last Exit series in Dubai. Nestled on the opposite edge of the city at Al Qudra Lakes, a popular retreat for cyclists and strollers, this food truck haven promises a modest yet satisfying experience.

    With a capacity to host around 20 diverse food trucks, this Last Exit deviates from its Jebel Ali predecessor. Trading around the clock isn’t the norm here; it’s open from 1 pm to midnight daily. Presently, just six trucks are operational, but the goal is to swiftly populate the remaining slots with fresh culinary offerings. The theme at Al Qudra revolves around riders, with hay-made tables and eateries nestled in horse trailers.

    In addition to the food trucks, the location boasts conveniences like an ATM, a prayer room, well-appointed restrooms including a baby-changing area, and a children’s playground. Ensuring you’re fully connected, there’s also the provision to charge your devices.

    The Last Exit Dubai Al Qudra can be located along the E66 highway, leading to Al Qudra Lakes. Situated at the convergence of Saih Al Salam Desert and Al Qudra Road’s terminus, this food truck park offers a relaxed stop for a meal amidst the serene surroundings.

    Last Exit Dubai Al Khawaneej

    The Last Exit Dubai Al Khawaneej stands as the third installment of the innovative Last Exit concept in Dubai. Positioned between the Mohammed Bin Zayed Road and the Emirates Road, this park resides in proximity to Mushrif Park and Quranic Park, skirting the boundary with Sharjah. It is notably more accessible than its counterparts, just a brief 15-minute journey from the international airport.

    Enveloped in the theme of the American countryside, the Al Khawaneej park features vintage American pick-ups, expansive grassy lots, quaint farms, birdhouses, and a medley of farm animals. The culinary options are rich, with 18 distinct food trucks serving up delights like juicy hamburgers, flavorful gyros, and sizzling steaks. Unlike the Jebel Ali location, the park operates from 11 am to 12 midnight daily, rather than around the clock.

    Aside from the diverse array of food trucks, visitors can avail themselves of restroom facilities, including a dedicated baby-changing room, ensuring a comfortable experience. To find the Al Khawaneej Last Exit Dubai Food Park, venture to the Al Khawaneej Street, where the D89 and D54 roads intersect. This locale nestles between the verdant expanse of Mushrif Park and the bustling Al Khawaneej Walking and Cycling Park, offering an engaging blend of nature and modernity.

    FAQs on the Last Exit Dubai Food Truck Park

    How much is the Last Exit Dubai ticket price?

    There is actually no ticket required for Last Exit Dubai. While it can be likened to a food truck theme park, it is an open-to-all destination. You can even make a brief pit stop during your journey. On-site, you’ll find a variety of food trucks, each serving a range of items from coffee to burgers. Payment is made based on your individual order directly at the food truck.

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