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Museum of the Future Dubai: Things to Know & Practical Guide

    The Museum of the Future Dubai is arguably one of the most interesting museums globally, entirely dedicated to the new technologies and global challenges of this century, as well as one of the most incredible buildings ever constructed. Obviously, Dubai, the city of records and modernity, is the ideal backdrop for the Museum of the Future, and its silhouette certainly does not go unnoticed by those traveling along Sheikh Zayed Road, the city’s main thoroughfare.

    An incredible museum wholly dedicated to the challenges humanity will have to face in designing a better future, it offers a journey into the future that propels visitors into 2071 and beyond, envisioning pioneering technologies and futuristic scenarios. These scenarios encompass revolutions in transportation, communication, lifestyles, and work, all with a vigilant focus on the issue of climate change and sustainability.

    The Museum of the Future Dubai itself is a masterpiece of contemporary architecture, considered one of the world’s most intricate buildings. A genuine engineering challenge in terms of the shape of its façade and superstructure, it is also a poetic gesture. What truly makes this building unmistakable, and draws the attention of any passerby, is its iconic shape resembling an eye gazing into the future. The circular form symbolizes the past, present, and future, complemented by Arabic calligraphy that adorns the building and conveys a message of hope that transcends cultures, religions, and nationalities.

    Duba: A Glimpse into Tomorrow

    Dubai’s renowned Museum of the Future stands prominently on Sheikh Zayed Road, a testament to Dubai’s forward-looking ethos. Conceived by the Dubai Future Foundation and unveiled on February 22, 2022, the museum delves into the possibilities of the future through the lens of science and technology, exploring the potential evolution of society in the decades to come. Crafted as an asymmetrical torus adorned with steel and glass, the Museum of the Future has secured its place among the globe’s most captivating museums.

    Dubai Museum of the Future

    The Museum of the Future Dubai has been recognised by National Geographic as one of 14 most beautiful museums in the world, an emblem of Dubai’s future aspirations. Designed by architect Shaun Killa, the structure serves as a visual manifestation of Dubai’s forward-looking vision. What’s more, the museum’s facade boasts an artistic integration of Arabic calligraphy, functioning as both artistic expression and functional glass windows.

    Created by Emirati artist Mattar bin Lahej, these windows bear lines of inspirational poetry by HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the UAE’s Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai. One of these quotes resonates, translating to: The future belongs to those who can imagine it, design it, and execute it. It isn’t something you await, but rather create.”

    The Museum of the Future challenges architectural norms with its intricate façade and superstructure, representing an engineering marvel. Initiated by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the museum’s design draws inspiration from the concept of Feng Shui: the circular form embodies past, present, and future, birthing fertility and boundless imagination. Sheikh Mohammed envisioned the museum as a hub for ideas, innovation, and global collaboration. It diverges from conventional museums, embracing immersive theater, interactivity, and cutting-edge exhibitions. It dares to gaze ahead rather than retracing history’s steps.

    The museum’s thematic focus spans diverse realms, from public services to healthcare and climate change, all centering on the pivotal question: “How will technology shape the next 50 years?” This is particularly pertinent to its concern with climate change. Unlike conventional museums, the Dubai Museum of the Future seamlessly integrates immersive theatrical elements, interactive displays, and state-of-the-art exhibits. Expect hands-on encounters with prototypes and innovations from global sources, complemented by ever-changing workshops, courses, and enlightening lectures.

    What makes the Museum of the Future Dubai one of the most incredible masterpieces of contemporary architecture is the particular shape and complexity of its structure. It was designed by Killa Design and engineered by Buro Happold. Certified for its standards of sustainable architecture, it required intricate designs based on mathematical modeling and other highly innovative techniques, including 3D algorithms for modeling steel. For this reason, it is considered one of the world’s most complex structures.

    A curiosity concerns the windows that display Arabic quotes spoken by Dubai’s ruler regarding the emirate’s future. In fact, the calligraphy hides three sentences from Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, meant to be a sign of hope and motivation, indicating that humanity strives to push its horizons further for noble causes. The three sentences read:

    • “We won’t live for hundreds of years, but the products of our creativity can leave a legacy long after we are gone.”
    • “The future will be for those who can imagine, design, and build it. The future does not wait; it can be designed and built today.”
    • “The secret to renewing life, advancing civilization, and progressing humanity lies in one word: innovation.”

    Strategically located in Dubai’s Financial District, the Museum of the Future also stands as an incubator for ingenuity and fresh concepts. Marking its official inauguration on February 22, 2022 – a date selected for its palindromic elegance (22.2.22) – the museum exemplifies Dubai’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of possibility and inspiring innovation on a global scale.

    Museum of the Future Dubai: What’s Inside?

    The Museum of the Future in Dubai promises a captivating journey into the year 2071 across seven immersive floors, each offering a unique perspective on our rapidly evolving world, inviting visitors to explore the marvels of tomorrow. With five captivating floors of permanent exhibits, the Museum of the Future in Dubai unveils a world transformed by innovative concepts and next-generation solutions, leaving you both awe-inspired and enlightened. The visitor journey begins from the fifth floor and takes guests down floor-by-floor.

    The fifth floor of the Museum of the Future Dubai is dedicated to the theme of “OSS Hope”, which draws inspiration from the UAE’s space exploration missions. Its aim is to showcase the wonders of the universe and the anticipated space technological challenges of the future. Photo: MOTF Museum of the Future Dubai

    Fifth Floor – Orbital Space Station (OSS) Hope

    The adventure commences on the fifth floor within the captivating realm of the Orbital Space Station (OSS) Hope. Here, you’ll be transported 600 kilometers above Earth, experiencing life in space as it is envisioned in 2071. Dive into the captivating possibilities that space travel holds for addressing humanity’s most pressing challenges.

    Fourth Floor – The HEAL Institute

    Venture down to the fourth floor and immerse yourself in the HEAL Institute, an exhibit that illuminates the future of ecology and biodiversity. Witness augmented and virtual reality portrayals of Earth in 2071, offering a glimpse into the restoration and renewal of our planet’s ecosystems.

    The fourth floor of the Museum of the Future, Dubai, showcases the intriguing HEAL Institute thematic exhibition, focusing on the wonders of biodiversity and the future challenges of ecology, environmental sustainability, and biotechnology. Photo: MOTF Museum of the Future Dubai.

    Third Floor – Al Waha

    On the third floor, Al Waha – meaning “The Oasis” in Arabic – awaits. Step into a sanctuary of sensory therapies designed to reconnect you with your inner self. This floor encourages you to find solace in a fast-paced world and rediscover the power of staying grounded.

    Second Floor – Tomorrow, Today

    “Tomorrow, Today” beckons from the second floor, showcasing cutting-edge technologies and ingenious solutions to contemporary challenges. Uncover how advancements like artificial intelligence and augmented reality are shaping our world, fostering a better future for all.

    The exhibition “Tomorrow, Today,” which occupies the entire second floor of the Museum of the Future in Dubai, is undoubtedly one of its central pieces. It presents an intriguing perspective on the next 50 years, encompassing technologies for daily life, transportation, and applications in the design of future cities. Photo: MOTF Museum of the Future Dubai.

    First Floor – Future Heroes

    The first floor is dedicated to the young minds of “Future Heroes”, an interactive play space catering to children under 10 years old. Engage in edutainment activities, interactive play, and creativity-boosting challenges. This floor nurtures collaboration and imagination, empowering children to design their avatars and embark on rewarding missions.

    Temporary and Permanent Exhibitions

    As you explore each floor, you’ll step into expansive, interactive movie sets, brought to life by skilled storytellers, visionary artists, and technologists. The Museum delves into pivotal themes, including space travel and living, climate change, health and wellness, and spirituality. Engage in workshops and talks led by some of the world’s most brilliant minds, offering deep insights into the future.

    Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the Future Heroes exhibit, where children aged three to 10 can unleash their potential in an open-world setting. And on level two, take a moment to pause at the viewing deck, nestled within the museum’s “void.” Here, you’ll experience the museum’s inner shell while enjoying panoramic vistas of Dubai’s dynamic urban landscape.

    In addition to the five main floors dedicated to permanent exhibitions, enriched by an ever-changing series of temporary exhibitions, updates, and evolutions, there are other floors and spaces allocated to events and temporary exhibitions. These spaces complement the overall unique experience of this museum, which serves as a lively hub for promoting global innovation.

    Museum of the Future Dubai Tickets

    When it comes to Museum of the Future tickets, it should be noted that this has quickly become one of the most popular attractions in Dubai. Given that the number of visitors allowed per hour is strictly limited, it is advisable to purchase them well in advance. It is quite common for travelers to find everything sold out. All tickets have a specific time slot and are often sold out several days, or even weeks, in advance. So, book them early!

    The ticket price for the Museum of the Future in Dubai is 149 AED (approx. $40.5 or €37.5). When you book your ticket, you must choose the entry time.

    Since Museum of the Future tickets are in high demand, even during the off-season, it’s quite common to find everything sold out if you don’t book a few weeks in advance. You can check availability and alternatively purchase your tickets on one of these sites, which are authorized and reliable resellers. The ticket price is exactly the same as at the official ticket office.

    Check availability and book your ticket at:

    Children under 4 enter for free, and if you arrive by car, you can park in the museum’s parking area free of charge for up to 3 hours.

    Museum of the Future Opening Hours

    The current opening hours of the Museum of the Future in Dubai are from 10 am to 9:30 pm every day, with the last entry being at 7:30 pm.

    Consider spending an average of 2 to 3 hours to visit the museum.

    Nonetheless, it is recommended to adhere to the timings specified on the purchased ticket and arrive approximately 30 minutes prior to the entry time. If tickets are sold out online, we discourage you from visiting the ticket office as there’s a high likelihood of your trip being in vain. You can find more info on the Museum of the Future website.

    How to Get to the Museum of the Future Dubai

    The optimal way to reach the Museum of the Future in Dubai is by utilizing the Dubai Metro. Take the Red Line and disembark at Emirates Towers Station. The museum is conveniently linked to the metro station through an air-conditioned covered bridge.

    Alternatively, you can board buses 27, 29, and X22, all of which halt just a few steps away at the Emirates Towers stop. If you’re arriving by car, follow the Sheikh Zayed Road. When coming from the Dubai Marina area, you can take exit 51 toward Al Boursa St. From there, simply follow the signs directing you to Emirates Towers / Museum of the Future.

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