Dubai Mall Restaurants

Dubai Mall Restaurants: 20 Eateries You Just can’t Miss!

The ultimate guide to the best Dubai Mall Restaurants, from those serving excellent traditional dishes, to fast food restaurants serving tasty and inexpensive specialties from all over the world. Eating something in one of the restaurants of the Dubai Mall is one of the experiences to do at least once when visiting Dubai.

In the Dubai Mall there are over 150 restaurants, with a huge offer of gastronomic specialties from all over the world. You can choose to eat something typical or dive into the huge variety of exotic food that you can find here.

In the Dubai Mall’s Food Court you can find solutions for all budgets, from elegant and expensive restaurants to fast foods that will fill your stomach for a few coins.

When my friends come to Dubai they always ask me which are the best restaurants in the Dubai Mall, well, these are my favorites!

Dubai Mall Restaurants: What to Expect

The restaurants of the Dubai Mall are many and distributed over several places and levels. For a quick meal you will find many good and cheap fast foods that serve from meat to fish, ethnic specialties and a good offer of healthy and vegetarian dishes.

There are also many excellent cafés and many places that mainly serve sweets and ice cream.

Then there are the real restaurants: here we go on the elegant and expensive. The restaurants of the Dubai Mall offer the best of international cuisine in a refined atmosphere, some with splendid views of the Dubai Fountain.

Keep in mind that none of the Dubai Mall’s restaurants serve alcohol.

Why you should eat at one of the Dubai Mall Restaurants

  • Because you have a huge choice: you can find specialties from all over the world
  • Because even the locals love to eat here
  • Because you are in the heart of Dubai Downtown: the most fashionable place in Dubai

Personally, I prefer to get something from one of the many fast-foods: they are cheap and offer good food and generous portions. And then it’s quick and easy, take the food and eat it at one of the tables nearby. The restaurants, on the other hand, are often crowded and expensive.

Here are some good fast foods and then I will give more space to the reviews of the best restaurants in the Dubai Mall.

5 fast-foods in Dubai Mall to eat on a budget

India Palace Express

Fastfood serving Indian cuisine at affordable prices. The portions are generous and the food is good and well spiced.

Prices: $$

Pars Express

Fastfood serving excellent Persian specialties. The menu has a good choice, the dishes are succulent and well cooked. The service is fast and friendly and the prices are not too bad.

Prices: $$

New York Fries

Do you fancy fries? This fastfood specializes in french fries, sandwiches and hot dogs. French fries are served with delicious toppings and mouth watering sauces.

Prices: $$

Pad Thai

The name is eloquent: this is a fast-food that serves good Thai specialties. You can choose what you want from the menu and they cook it espresso. If you are used to real Thai cuisine you may find the dishes a little bland, but the portions are generous and the prices affordable.

Prices: $$


This Japanese fastfood serves noodles, soups, sushi, sashimi and various meat or fish dishes. Sometimes there is a need to wait a bit, but the value for money is not too bad.

Prices: $$$

Besides these, of course, there are McDonald’s, KFC and other very famous international fast-food chains that represent a standard in terms of offer and quality, and are perfect for those who want to be on the safe side.

15 restaurants of the Dubai Mall that are worth a visit

Milas Restaurant

The Milas Restaurant with its casual chic style and its excellent menu is one of the most appreciated by the locals. It serves Emirati cuisine, with aromas that look to India and the Orient. Fast and accurate service. Fantastic desserts.

Prices: $$$$

The Grill Shack

If you love meat this is the place for you! This restaurant offers delicious perfectly grilled cuts of meat accompanied by abundant French fries and vegetables. The atmosphere is simple and informal, perfect if you are traveling with the family!

Prices: $$$

Al Hallab

This nice restaurant offers a wide choice of Lebanese and Middle Eastern specialties. Excellent grilled meat, I recommend trying more dishes from the menu, both meat (maybe lamb) and typical vegetarian specialties. The value for money is excellent.

Prices: $$$

Cheesecake Factory

It is probably the most famous restaurant in the Dubai Mall. This American restaurant is famous because it offers a huge choice of delicious cheesecakes, but attracts people of all ages and from all over the world for its impressive menu offering all kinds of comfort food. Here you will find juicy burgers, delicious nachos or mountains of french fries. The food is good and abundant. With over 250 dishes on the menu (including vegetarian choices) and over 50 types of cheesecake this restaurant will surely satisfy the desires of those traveling with family or in a group of friends.

Prices: $$$

Katsuya by Starck

Since the union between the Master of Sushi Chef Katsuya Uechi and the designer Philippe Starck, Katsuya by Starck has quickly become famous all over the world. The chef offers the best of Japanese cuisine made with a very personal touch of internationality.

Prices: $$$$

Din Tai Fung

This chain of restaurants born in Taiwan in 1972 is recognized worldwide for the quality of its cuisine. If you want to taste some dishes of the Huaiyang cuisine (one of the traditional Chinese kitchens) this is the right place. It offers a good choice of dim sum and specializes in xiao long bao, very juicy Chinese ravioli that you will love.

Prices: $$$


Restaurant serving good Lebanese cuisine. It has a large and varied menu that can satisfy even vegetarians. On the outside terrace you can also smoke shisha.

Prices: $$$$

Todd English Food Hall

If you are looking for a place with a good view of the fountains but cannot decide what to eat this could be a good choice. This restaurant has 12 live kitchens ranging from pizza to American barbecue. Good choice also of Afghan and oriental specialties. They also serve salads and vegetarian dishes.

Prices: $$$


Eataly is famous in Italy for being a place to find refined and high-quality ingredients from small artisan producers. If you want to eat some good Italian dishes, this is without a doubt the place for you. In addition to eating here you can also buy typical Italian food products.

Prices: $$$


Peppermill is an institution among Dubai’s Indian restaurants and this is due to its very personal way of interpreting Indian cuisine. It offers a high-level experience through the flavors of Anglo-Indian colonial cuisine, with a chic and modern touch. It is often very crowded, so it is good to reserve a table in advance.

Prices: $$$

Hurricane’s Grill

This is an excellent Australian family-style steakhouse offering succulent steaks and delicious ribs. The meat is perfectly grilled. Also try lamb or seafood. They also have vegetarian choices and children’s menus.

Prices: $$$

Mp Chang’s

One of the best known Chinese-American cuisine restaurants. It offers good food and generous portions. You will find the most popular dishes of Asian cuisine, including noodles, fried rice, pad thai, sesame chicken and the fantastic dynamite shrimps which are the specialty of the house.

Prices: $$$

Walnut Grove

Walnut Grove is an excellent place to go for coffee with a good piece of cake and has a terrace that offers a nice view of Burj Khalifa. It has a good menu of international cuisine and offers a good choice of healthy dishes made with great care. It offers a good choice of salads and children’s menus.

Prices: $$$

Shakespeare and Co.

Restaurant with an atmosphere reminiscent of the Victorian era, it combines the simplicity of classic dishes of international cuisine with an eclectic search for unusual flavors and combinations. Recommended for the good offer of healthy and organic food.

Prices: $$$


This Dubai Mall restaurant has the whole world on a menu. The atmosphere of the restaurant is pleasantly informal and attractive, the offer ranges through a collection of international dishes with ingredients ranging from the Middle East to Mexico, passing through flavors of Japan and ending in Europe. Excellent choice of healthy choices.

Prices: $$$

Dubai Mall Restaurants Opening Hours

The restaurants of the Dubai Mall and the Food Court are open 7 days a week from 10.00 AM to 10.00 PM. Some open at 9.00 am for breakfast. The opening hours may change during the Holy Month of Ramadan.

Things to see and do around the Dubai Mall

Discover the best things to see and do in the Dubai Mall. When you are there you should definitely visit the Dubai Aquarium and the world famous Burj Khalifa.

In the evening, don’t miss the Dubai Fountain Show. One of the musts of your Dubai trip should be to enjoy the magic of a Dubai tour by night!

Just a few steps from the Dubai Mall, the Dubai Opera is worth a visit. This interesting tour of the modern wonders of Downtown Dubai also starts from the Dubai Mall.

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